Want to learn how to reverse diabetes*, make home-made bread or have us do a program at your place?
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*Health education only. Not medical treatment.

Documentary Night

On September 7th, sit back with friends, have some healthy refreshments and join us as we watch What the Health, an insightful documentary that shares startling insights into American health and practical points on how to have a more nourishing diet.

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Dinner with the Doctor: Diabetes & Exercise

On September 10th, sit down to a free, healthy lunch with a real, live medical doctor. Explore how exercise relates to diabetes and learn simple ways to implement it in your life. Best of all, you can even ask those questions you’ve been wanting to ask for so long.

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Picnic Potluck

On September 17th, come and join us for one last picnic before huddling indoors for the winter. The theme will be a potato bar. We’ll bake the potatoes and you each bring a topping for the potatoes. If you have trouble thinking up options or finding recipes, click here.

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Cooking Class: Mexican Style

On September 24th, learn how to make mouth-watering recipes like black bean enchiladas, tostadas de ceviche, flan de cafe and more.

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Host An Event

Want to give back to your community, reach the locals, or educate your members?
Host a Doctor’s lecture, cooking class, herbs program, natural remedies seminar
or other event at your facility and make an impact on those around you.

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