About Us

Health Made Simple is a local health initiative that seeks to provide Chattanooga with health
resources such as cooking classes, doctors lectures, natural remedies programs and more.

Phone: (423) 212-5014
Email: hms@wildwoodhealth.org
Mail: Health Made Simple
435 Lifestyle Lane
Wildwood, GA 30757

Health Made Simple is a local health initiative that seeks to provide Chattanooga with health resources such as cooking classes, healing touch and more.

To use your Health Made Simple membership card simply show it when you pay for goods or services at Wildwood and you will receive your membership discounts.

Yes, but they must be well behaved. Health Made Simple reserves the right to remove anyone from the cooking class who is disruptive to others in the class. This includes children as well as adults. Anyone removed from the class for this reason will not be refunded their payment for the class.

Healing touch is a muscle relaxation technique similar to massage. It can be used to soothe tense muscles, restore mobility, alleviate pain and much more.

Hydrotherapy is a technique that uses water to stimulate the body to heal itself. The water is usually applied externally and often alternates between hot and cold for specific lengths of time. This technique has been known to assist with cold & flu, high blood pressure, diabetic ulcers and many other health conditions.

Unlimited as long as you make an appointment for each healing touch session or hydrotherapy session. For more details see the chart below.

Healing touch Hydrotherapy
Basic $25.00 $25.00
Extensive $50.00 $50.00

To make an appointment for healing touch or hydrotherapy, please call (423) 212-5014. To make an appointment to see a doctor, please call (706) 820-1493.

With your free membership you get:

Free Membership Without Membership
$25 Massage (30 min) $50 Massage (30 min)
$25 Health Consultation Health Consults Not Available
$10 Cooking Class $15 Cooking Class
Free Natural Remedies Magazine† $5 for Health & Healing Magazine
5% off Clinic 0% off Clinic
$25 Hydrotherapy $40 Hydrotherapy
5% off Herb Shop* 0% off Herb Shop

*With purchase of $20 or more.

†One time only. Not a subscription.

Sign-up is free. Membership is free. Cancellation is free. The only fees you have to pay as a member are for the services you receive (e.g. if you schedule hydrotherapy you must pay for it.)